The most common sportsmen traumas and how to fix them

The life of a sportsman isn’t easy. Along with the many perks that they have for playing, traumas also become part of their everyday life. There are some common sportsmen traumas that you should be aware of.

Ankle sprain

These are injuries to the ligaments when they are suddenly stretched past their limits. It causes injuries to the muscle fibers. It occurs due to over-stretching. An ankle sprain occurs when the foot goes inwards. It tears the ligaments of the ankle. When you have an ankle sprain, you need to exercise so that you don’t lose the strength.

Knee injury

A knee injury can be of two types: ACL injury and patellofemoral syndrome. The ACL joins the leg bone to the knee. If it gets hit, then the ACL can tear. It is one of the most severe kinds of injuries that a sportsman can have. The patellofemoral syndrome occurs due to the repetitive movement of the kneecap against the thigh bone. This causes damage to the tissue that is under the kneecap. You should take plenty of rest and see the doctor if you have these injuries.

Hamstring strain

The hamstring consists of three muscles at the back of the thigh. If you kick your leg out when running or fall forward, then you can have hamstring strains. It takes time to heal as the hamstring is under constant stress when you walk.

Sometimes, the sports injuries can be preventable. You should start your workouts with gentle warm up in order to prevent injuries. It will improve blood flow to the muscles. You should stop working out when you are fatigued. If you can maintain these simple routines then you will be able to avoid these common sports injuries.

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