How do sportsmen deal with stress before competition?

Being a part of competition can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There is always the tension of getting beaten by the opponents. Stress can affect your performance during a competition. Here are some ways to deal with the stress.

Relaxation techniques

If anxiety is becoming evident then you should try out relaxation techniques. You will notice some physical signs of anxiety like an increase in blood pressure, faster breathing, etc. You should get a good night’s sleep before the competition. But these signs of anxiety can affect your sleep. You can try meditation to relax. You can do a full body massage to lower your level of anxiety.

Redirect your thoughts

If thinking about the competition makes you anxious, then think about other things. You can concentrate on other works or talk to your friends so that you don’t think about the competition much.

Reduce sources of pressure

If the constant feedback from the coach is making you pressurized, then try to control your mind. Don’t feel stressed by the coach’s words. If necessary, talk to your team members and try to reduce the stress level.

You should learn to cope up with stress before the competition. You should learn some relaxing techniques and try to get a good night’s sleep. If you are not focused and feel stressed, then your performance at the competition will be affected negatively. So, controlling your stress level is very important before a competition.

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