How to choose mattress for sportsmen?

Sportsmen often suffer from back pain due to the rigorous activity they do throughout the day. A good night’s sleep is essential for the recovery of their body. So, sleeping on the right mattress is essential. Here are some tips for choosing the best mattress for a sportsman.


The firmness of the mattress is important. You can measure the firmness between 1 and 10. Most mattresses sold today have the firmness of 3 to 8. The firmness of the mattress depends on the sleep position and bodyweight. Those who are lightweight prefer mattresses that are between firmness level 3 and 5. Those with more weight prefer firmness between 6 and 8.


You need to buy a mattress that conforms closely to the sleeper’s body. It forms a contoured impression that allows proper alignment of the spine. It also targets the pressure points along the neck, shoulders, hips, and back.


It withstands the sleeper’s weight and keeps the spine straight. If the mattress cannot provide the right support, it will sag and the surface will become uneven.


Some mattresses can absorb body heat and makes the bed feel warm. This can affect sleep negatively. There are other mattresses that retain less body heat. These mattresses are ideal for naturally hot sleepers.

Motion isolation

There are mattresses that can absorb motion when there is disturbance from the partner. This allows a good night’s sleep as the sleeper won’t wake up.

Mattress cover

The fabric that is used to cover the mattress is important. Some covers are made with Celliant that absorbs the body energy and improves circulation. It also speeds up muscle recovery.

Finally, you should consider the size and cost of the mattress. The mattress must fit your bed and it must be within your budget. You should consider all these factors in choosing the right mattress.

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